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Adeline Grattard worked at the kitchen.

Before owning her restaurant Yam’Tcha, Adeline Grattard had her training at the Hotel Scribe (during Yannick  Alleno’s era) and then l’Astrance (Pascal Barbot).   The later which influenced her cuisine and skills deeply.  After l’Astrance, she went to Hong Kong to learn Chinese cuisine.  She worked at BO Innovation (Michelin 2 stars restaurant in Hong Kong) around 2 years.  By all these experiences, she’s absolutely well trained in both Chinese and French cuisines.   Every time I dined there, I was surprised how much she has sharpened her cooking skills again.   Her husband, Chi Wah, masters the tea, which is essential to the spirit of “Yam’Tcha” (Yam’Tcha means drink tea in Chinese).  He goes to China frequently in order to source the best tea to match Adeline’s cuisine.  Here, you can experience the most inspiring example of the “marriage” of the food & tea.

If you asked me where to have the best Chinese food in Paris, I’ll tell you – “ Yam’Tcha”.   Although it might not be that authentic as the Chinese food you would have in China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, it’s definitely worth to go.

Chef:  Adeline Grattard
4 rue Sauval, 75001 Paris, FRANCE
Tel: + +33 1 40 26 08 07
Closed Monday and Tuesday

To see more photos I took at Yam’Tcha – Please check my Flickr album- Yam’Tcha Nov. 11, 2011.

Tea – The must company for Adeline’s cuisine

Green Amuse Bouche

Foie gras – Bulots – Choucroute au vin jaune chinois.

Turbot de ligne au riz noir

Champagne is also a very good company for Adeline’s cuisine. 🙂



To see more photos I took at Yam’Tcha – Please check my Flickr album- Yam’Tcha Nov. 11, 2011.